Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear _____________;

Dear Cutie Boy in my institute class that I secretly have the hotts for,

Remember Tuesday?  You know, we talked about how I go to zumba like five times a week and how you once went and felt totally weird because you were the only guy.  We then had a wonderful lesson about John the Baptist.  Yeah, that day!  Do you remember how you asked my friend if she eats lunch and she said "yeah, I eat lunch"?  You replied with something similar to "we should go get lunch sometime".  

That sucked to hear!  Big time!

Love, Kelsey

ps. my friend has a boyfriend. 


Danger in Deutschland said...

Story of my life.

Anonymous said...

Was this Tori then? Darn her anyway. Tell her to come to class looking ugly once in awhile since she already has a boyfriend and all, haha. Someday your prince will come. xoxo -NT

Lulu said...

Oh bummer, that sorta sux. :(