Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gotta Love My Flicks

Day two = My Favorite Movies!

I have lots of favorite movies but I limited the list to my top three.

She's the Man

You just can't go wrong with Amanda Bynes, she's just so gosh darn funny!  I could literally watch this movie over and over again; it's the only movie that I quote on a regular basis... thus meaning it is an awesome movie.  Basically it's a chick flick, but I also like it because it shows that girls can do anything a guy can do.  It's also a modern day Shakespeare. 

Calendar Girls

If you haven't seen this movie go out and rent it right now!  Right now I say!  The best friend and I get together and if we haven't gone to Redbox to rent a movie you can bet that this is one of the movies we will probably end up watching.  
Hilarious movie, and totally not what you are expecting... unless it is what you are expecting, then I assume you cheated. 

What Happens in Vegas

Funny, funny movie!  It, like She's the Man has tons of quotable lines that pop up in my everyday conversations with people.  I've watched it while in Vegas, I've watched it while not in Vegas, it's good no matter where you are. 

If you had to pick a favorite movie what would it be?

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