Friday, January 21, 2011

I'd Simply Die Without You

It's day seven of my Thirty Day Blogging Challenge and I'm still going strong!
Today's challenge was to come up with five things I wouldn't be able to live without.  I decided to focus on inanimate objects because choosing family and friends is obvious, duh. 

Here are a few things in my life that I would simply die without! I love them and in return they love me back.

Numero Uno
My Camelback water bottles!
  I love them.  They're the best water bottles I have ever used.
I have a pink one and a blue/grey one, someday I will be able to make a rainbow out of all of them. 

Reduced Fat Wheat Thins
They're sort of my guilty pleasure, I eat them like most people eat potato chips and I always keep a box of them in the cupboard.
They are acceptable with peanut butter or cream cheese... or any type of cheese for that matter. 

Bead Head by TIGI Masterpiece hairspray
  Gives movable hold and smells like pineapples... need I say more?

Down East Wonder Cami and Tee  
I wear one or the other just about every day.  I love them because they come up high and are super comfortable. 

and last but certainly not least

Barely There Mentha Organics™ Sheer Lip Tint - C.O. Bigelow - Bath & Body Works
C.O. Bigelow Mentha Organics Sheer Lip Tint 
Color: Barely There
It's always in my pocket and on my lips.  It's great because it gives you just a little bit of shine and hardly any color.

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Lulu said...

Good list! I love my camelback water bottle too. Never tried those tees, but they look comfy!

Happy Friday!