Monday, January 3, 2011

Looking Back

I'm finally taking the time to look back on the year 2010 and i'm sure glad it's over!  I don't regret anything that happened but I am welcoming 2011 with open arms. 

2010 started off with a little romance.  I met someone while being stranded at my roommates house after hitting black ice and running my car into a pole.  But I moved back to Logan so things didn't go very far. 

At the end of January Carter left on an LDS mission to Canada. 
Skyler, Me (Kelsey), Carter, Jesika and Eddie
The fantastic five!
Him leaving shook me up for quite a while.  I had come to the realization that life was officially starting to change and that soon all my friends would be saying "goodbye" possibly forever. 

February... who knows happened?  I was single, no one left on missions, no one died... basically there wasn't anything worth remembering.
I think my roommates and I did take "family" pictures though.
Kourtney, Sara, Lauren, Angel, Becka, Me (Kelsey)

My roommate Becka got married in March right before spring break.
Rachel, Lauren, Kourtney, Becka, Jon, Angel, Me

After the reception I went to Las Vegas with Jesika
Jeskia, Kelsey
We stayed in the new hotel on the strip called the Aria!  I loved how modern the Aria was, but I must say that I enjoy staying at the Bellagio more. We went and saw Lion King to get us in the Disney spirit.  
After our stay in Sin City we headed down to Cali to party it up in Disneyland!
Kelsey, Jesika

I think my friends and I had a princess party in April to celebrate Rachel's birthday.
Kelsey, Brooklin, Lindsay

The first week of May was kicked off by having finals and the week ended with me having a birthday.  I started a new job working at a little watch shop selling and fixing watches.
Eddie left on an LDS mission to Ghana at the end of May
Jesika, Skyler, Eddie, Me

Again we said goodbye to one of our beloved friends and what was once five that became four was cut down to three.

During the month of June I worked, worked and worked some more.

July was spent with friends.
Shelby, Jesika, Me, Tuki

At the end of August I moved back to Logan to start my Sophomore year at Utah State University.  Lauren and I made a trip to the local thrift store.
Lauren, Me


I was soon called to be the Relief Society Secretary in my YSA ward.  My calling has been such a blessing and has brought me closer to my Savior and brother Jesus Christ.

I also changed majors.  I was a Psychology major but I came to the realization that I hate Psychology.  I am now working towards a degree in Family and Consumer Science Education.  I plan on being a high school sewing teacher and hope to one day open my own dress shop.  If all else fails I will craft and blog about my adventures.

I also made a skirt out of wrapping paper for one of my class projects.  The skirt went down the runway as part of the annual Recycle and Re-design fashion show.

October was a fun month!  I learned how to rock climb and pretty much fell in LOVE.  I also chopped at least six inches off of my hair.  I needed to be done, but I miss it now. 

I met Mike at the end of October and we dated for a while and I realized that I had officially lost the ten pounds I had gained since my high school graduation. 

Skyler left on his mission at the start of November.
He's currently serving in Johannesburg South Africa

December = Finals and Christmas and going back to work!
I hope everyone had a 

and a happy New Year!

2010 was a good year; it did have lots of trials but they only made me a stronger and a somewhat better person. 


Danger in Deutschland said...

Dang girl... gettin it on with all the Pre-Mes!!! Your just so sexy Kelsey, just thought I'd throw that out there!

K said...

I LOVED the Lion King! Also, I remember saying goodbye to all my friends and especially my then boyfriend. Those are hard times!

Karm said...

Sounds like you had a great year... I wouldn't know how to do a timeline for 2010 haha

HannahMarie said...

Such a cute blog post! You are a doll!