Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Vintage Vensday

I'm weird and have an odd obsession for teapots, keys and birds.  Well, I'm also an avid Etsy stalker, I'm constantly looking for cool things on Etsy.

I have been dreaming of silver teapots since the day I walked away from the most gorgeous silver tea set at my local thrift store.  I'm still kicking myself that I didn't snatch it.  I kick myself even harder when I reminded that my mother said she's buy the tea set for me and I didn't let her.  
What was I thinking?

Silverplate Tea Set 

I found this tea set on Sweet Drawers's Etsy shop.  I was curious about the name "Sweet Drawers" and you might be as well.  The shop is actually devoted to drawers... as in undies, undergarments, unmentionables
actually it's mostly vintage lingerie.  
I'm sufficiently sketched out.  The thought of used lingerie creeps me out and the thought of vintage lingerie makes me a little sick.  But whatevs. 

Back to teapots!

I am almost positive that vintage teapots will be the next big thing.  I kid you not when I say that everything I end up loving becomes the next big thing... I hate it!  

My love for vintage is fading now that everyone loves it and people can actually guess when i'm wearing it.

I also found these on Etsy.  They're not vintage, but how super easy would they be to make yourself?  Answer: Super Easy!

SUMMER IN HEELS - Navy Blue Suede Pumps with Yellow Peacock Feathers

If you're feeling lazy or simply like you just aren't crafty to make a pair yourself they can be purchased from 
They cost $50 plus shipping and it looks like she has quite a few sizes left. 

Do you have a favorite Etsy shop that I can check out?

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Hello Again Vintage said...

OOoooh! Those are such pretty finds!