Saturday, January 8, 2011

Is This Crossing a Line?

My work just started this new sales goals program in hopes that rewarding us will cause us to have a desire to sell more.  We already make commission depending on how well we do during the day but my bosses decided to add some extra perks.

If we sell a certain amount of watch cleanings in a week they'll buy the store lunch.

If we hit the first goal and then pass that by X amount of money my boss will let us wear jeans to work for an entire week.

The first two are awesome!  I like lunch and I would love to be able to wear jeans to work.

But the last goal troubles me.

If we hit the second goal plus sell X amount of watch bands they will let us grow out our facial hair.  

Did it ever occur to them that I don't have facial hair?  If I were to make this last goal would it be inappropriate to show up to work looking a little something like this?

Granted I won't be at work for the next four months because i'll be at school but I think that me showing up to work with a fake mustache is reasonable if everyone else gets the chance to grow out their facial hair.

And when I say "everyone else" I literally mean "everyone else", I'm the only girl besides one of my bosses. 

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Anonymous said...

Geez I know tons of ladies that would be thrilled to have their facial hair green lighted:)